Editing Content

Content Toolbar Explained

All of the styles from Heading 1 to Links are pre-styled to your website. All you need to think about is the appropriate content structure (Heading, Paragraph and so on)


Use Headings in your content to add structure. It is advisable to start with Heading 1 or 2 and work down. Use the Preview Changes button in the Publish Box to see what it looks like before you Publish.

Most Used Icons

B = Bold
i = Italic
[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-list-ul”] = Bullet Points (List)
[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-list-ol”] = Number Points (List)
[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-quote-left”] = Quote
[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-align-left”] = Align Left
[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-adn”] = Align Center
[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-align-right”] = Align Right
[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-link”] = Add Link
[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-chain-broken”] = Remove Link
 = U Design Custom Code
Toggle: Your toolbar has a toggle – the third to last icon on the end of the top line. Click this to open the extra editing tools.


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