How do I log in to my Website?

Step 1

You will find your login for your website at www.yourwebsiteaddress/login 
OR www.yourwebsiteaddress/wp-admin

[message type=”info”]Don’t forget to replace yourwebsiteaddress with your website address.[/message]

You will then be directed to your log in page.

Step 2

Enter your username and password to gain access to your Dashboard


You will now be directed to your Dashboard.

[message type=”warning”]Forgotten your password? > Click on Lost your password link[/message][message type=”erroneous”]Forgotten your username/e-mail address? > Please contact us [/message]

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Extremely friendly, competitively priced and above all else, they explained everything to us in a way that we could understand as we are far from being technically minded and they guided us through all aspects of the website and the training at a pace that suited us and our capabilities.

Keith BishopSmall Business Owner

The customer service was excellent, I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Alex James MillerSmall Business Owner

Nothing was too much trouble for you, especially with my pedantic observations and the long distance conversations. I asked for a classic up market design and that is just what you delivered, could not be more delighted. I have received only positive comments. Your follow up and training are also first class. Your personal commitment to the client should guarantee a secure future for you and your company.

David MellorOwner